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About Us

We created Cloud Connextions to fill a noticeable gap in the marketplace. Clients needed a trusted partner who could consult across various technologies, platforms, and solutions; not just a glorified reseller for specific manufacturers. Our goal is to help clients set up top-notch video conferencing, communications, technology, and security across their organization. Whether it’s consulting, design, onsite implementation, or ongoing managed services, we’ve got you covered.

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Some Of Our Clients

Discover how our clients are utilizing next-generation office technologies to unlock company-wide efficiency where it matters most.

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Our Brand Name

We were on a train from Brussels to Amsterdam, traveling to different build sites for a client for whom we were doing far more than just a cloud-based video conference setup. We realized we needed a brand name that encompassed more of what we were doing for our clients, including:

  • Connecting Cloud Components & Technologies – Not just video conferencing (although video conferencing is still an important component!) 
  • Cutting Edge & Forward Thinking – Hence the “Next” in the spelling of “Connextions”.


Thus was born. 


At Cloud Connextions, we Have a Client-First Culture, Including:

Always Do What’s Right By the Client
Never Leave a Job Site Until It’s Working Properly & Looks Great
Make Technology Easy on Clients
Be Great Stewards of Our Client’s Budget
Approach Every Engagement Like Partners, not Vendors

Technology Partners

Cloud Connextions works with many top industry technology companies. We also consult with many of these partners to bring user feedback and requirements for future solutions.

Speak With An Expert

If you value having a partner who will help you think holistically and get the job done right the first time, let’s talk!