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As we reflect on the significant changes of 2020, it’s clear that the world, personally and professionally, will never be the same. As a company, Video Conference Gear was also planning on a transformation before the pandemic hit. Our goal was to evolve from a product-focused solution provider, solely in video conferencing, to a service-led solution provider in the broader realm of audio-visual communications and building technologies.

However, like many organizations, we temporarily put our plans on hold to focus on helping our customers navigate the unprecedented global event. Now, as we look forward to 2023 (and beyond) and the future of our company, it’s time to reignite our transformation and shift our emphasis from hardware products to a full range of services, including design, integration, installation, support, and managed services.

To accomplish this, we are implementing the following strategies:

Increased Focus on Our Parent Company, Cloud Connextions (

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As a division of Cloud Connextions, we have long recognized the need to expand our technology offerings beyond video conferencing to stay competitive in the market. Cloud Connextions allows us to explore and invest in emerging technologies, many of which will be cloud-based services requiring integration with existing and future technologies. As we investigate and test these technologies, we will incorporate them into our products and services through design and integration, managed services, and ongoing support.

Continued Operation of Video Conference Gear as an Online Store for Video Conferencing (

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The video conferencing market has revolutionized communication, and the need for easy-to-buy conference room solutions has never been greater. With the advent of fully configured room solutions from various manufacturers, it’s now possible to standardize on a single hardware solution for most conference rooms, big or small.

To meet this demand, Video Conference Gear will provide market-leading, vendor-based conference, and meeting room solutions while re-focusing our “pre-designed” solutions for the more complex meeting spaces. Our solutions should be bundled with services, such as onsite or remote support during initial installation and optional services available through our online store. We’re exploring the option of offering video conferencing meeting room solutions monthly as a Managed Service, which would include ongoing support, automated hardware upgrades, and other benefits.

It’s important to note that is not going away.

We understand the importance of an online store to support our customers in purchasing individual hardware products or complete solutions on demand. However, there may be changes in the emphasis on certain products, solutions, or vendors.

Cloud Connextions is More Than an Online Store

As we evaluate our company and how we support our customers, it is time to implement the realization we had in 2020: that we are more than an online store. The majority of our customers do not purchase directly online. We work closely with them to provide a solution that meets their unique requirements. We often integrate and install these solutions onsite with our professionals or collaborate with the customer’s internal teams to assist in their technology roll-out.

As we move into 2023 and beyond, we’re ready to support our customers as they face more demanding technological requirements. We are to operate as valued advisors to help brands integrate video conferencing/communications, audio-visual technologies, access control, physical security, and structured cabling to support more demanding technical requirements. With our commitment to service and innovation, we are well-positioned to lead the way in next-generation business technologies.

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