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cloud connected solutions

Professional Services

Cloud-connected services are transforming how we do business today, and Cloud Connextions is helping companies embrace this change.  It involves a complete shift in the way companies adopt emerging technology, engaging customers and evolving the way we communicate in business.  We focus on each business’ needs and use cases in order to develop a plan and strategy to transition to cloud connected solutions. 

Planning, Design & Engineering

Project Planning

The success of any project begins with the initial plan and design. Our design services were created based upon our experience of designing cloud-based solutions for over a decade. Let us help you design the perfect environment, based upon your goals and specific requirements.

  • Cloud-connected Solutions
  • Conference Rooms Design
  • National and Global Implementation Services
  • Project Management
  • Managed Services
  • Support Services

Design & Engineering

We help gather the program requirements, use cases, uses and overall goals of your company.  We help you create the ideal design and solution that meets and exceeds your user’s expectations. By designing the solutions appropriately from the beginning our experiences shows a greater user adoption of the technology.

  • Architectural/Blueprint Review
  • Building Design
  • Product/Service Evaluation 
  • Design Advisory
integration, installation & project management

Installation (Onsite or remote assistance)

Our installation services are available for remote or online installation assistance. When remote assistance is required, our installation and integration professionals stand ready to provide guidance and troubleshooting assistance until fully operational.  Onsite Installation includes a complete end-to-end installation of your cloud connected solution including hardware, software and network. 

  • Project Management
  • Labor and Materials Planning

Global Roll-out

We understand the challenges inherent in rolling out global programs.  We help companies manage through those challenges and have first-hand experience with multi-location and multi-geo projects.

  • Project Management
  • Labor and Materials Planning
  • Logistics Planning
training & ongoing support


No project is complete without training. We provide training for both system administrator and end-users.  We can custom design a training program specific to your unique needs and requirements. Training is provided in multiple formats, including virtual, on-demand training, in-house or in-person training onsite.

Contract Support Services

First call support through problem resolution, we provide full lifecycle support for both end-users and your IT/technical support organization.  

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