Verkada AVS-01 Alarm Verification Scoring Standard

Enhancing Security in 2024: Navigating the Shift in Alarm System Standards

In the landscape of security and alarm systems, the need for efficient and reliable verification methods has never been more critical. The Monitoring Association’s introduction of the TMA AVS-01 standard is a pivotal development in this arena. This standard not only aims to streamline the process of alarm verification but also ensures that emergency response resources are allocated more effectively, addressing the challenges posed by labor shortages and the high rate of false alarms.

Understanding the AVS-01 Standard

AVS-01 represents a structured approach for alarm monitoring companies to evaluate and categorize alarm events, enabling dispatchers and law enforcement agencies to prioritize responses based on the level of threat. This system categorizes alarm signals into four levels, ranging from Level 0 (no threat present) to Level 4 (imminent threat to life), facilitating a more nuanced and informed response strategy.

The Importance of AVS-01 for Your Security

The adoption of AVS-01 marks a significant shift towards verified alarm responses across the United States. For organizations, this means revisiting your current security measures to ensure they align with these new standards. Non-verified alarm systems may no longer suffice, as police departments increasingly prioritize verified alarms to effectively deploy their resources.

Embracing Video-Based Alarm Verification

Among the methods available for alarm verification, video-based solutions stand out for their ability to provide immediate, actionable intelligence to both monitoring agents and responding officers. Verkada’s Alarm offering exemplifies this approach by integrating professional monitoring with real-time video verification, thereby enhancing the ability to accurately assess and escalate alarm events as necessary.

Securing Your Assets and People

As we move forward, the adoption of AVS-01 is set to redefine the standards for alarm verification and response. Organizations must adapt to this evolving landscape to ensure the safety of their assets and personnel. Implementing a verified alarm system, particularly one that leverages video verification, represents a proactive step towards securing prompt and effective emergency response, safeguarding your premises against potential threats.

In summary, the introduction of the AVS-01 standard is a game-changer in the alarm industry, emphasizing the need for verified alarm systems. By adopting these advanced verification methods, you not only enhance the security of your facilities but also contribute to a more efficient and effective emergency response ecosystem.


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