Upgrading to Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro: An Upgrade Guide

In today’s era of digital transformation, meetings have evolved from traditional conference room gatherings to dynamic, collaborative exchanges aided by technologically driven platforms. This shift has been significantly amplified by the global pandemic, which has ushered in an unprecedented era of remote and hybrid work.

Recognizing this transformation, industry leaders like Microsoft have developed innovative solutions designed to redefine the meeting experience. Microsoft Teams Rooms, for instance, transform any workspace into a collaborative hub, facilitating productive discussions and interactions.

Going a step further, Microsoft introduced “Microsoft Teams Pro,” a more advanced solution catering specifically to the requirements of a hybrid/agile workplace. This brings us to a key consideration – Do you stick with the reliable Teams Rooms setup or take the leap to the high-powered Pro version? This blog aims to provide an in-depth analysis of this question.

What are Teams Rooms?

Teams Rooms is Microsoft’s solution to optimize office spaces for high-quality video and audio meetings. The setup essentially revolves around several key components, including a computing solution that runs a room-based version of Microsoft Teams and tabletop consoles for managing meetings.

Additionally, Teams Rooms include requisite pieces of equipment that support audio and video meetings — this incorporates one or more cameras or camera bars, audio systems like microphones and speakers, and other vital accessories.

Teams Rooms’ offerings feature top-notch video and audio capabilities, support for collaborative whiteboarding, and wireless content sharing. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, they harness flexible plug-and-play technology to establish meeting environments, even in impromptu scenarios.

Introducing Teams Rooms Pro

Teams Rooms Pro takes the standard Teams Rooms experience to the next level. Besides maintaining all the features of the traditional version, Teams Rooms Pro introduces certain unique capabilities designed to make collaborative work more efficient and engaging:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Boost communication experiences with AI-powered audio and video device experiences focused on enhancing immersion and collaboration.
  • Advanced Meeting Experiences: Encourage active participation with sophisticated meeting solutions, including unique video and room layouts, customizations, and chat bubble alerts.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Shield your meetings using advanced management, security tools, access controls, ITSM integrations, remote configuration, and device analytics.
  • Management Tools: Implement intelligent solutions to manage your meeting rooms using AI-powered operations that automate problem detection, updates, and resolutions on a larger scale.
  • Innovative Features: Remain at the forefront of innovation with the most recent additions to the Microsoft ecosystem, including chat and Loop components, remote PTZ controls, and smart device support.

Evaluating Teams Rooms Pro

Teams Rooms Pro represents an upgrade to your Microsoft collaboration solutions and comes with notable advantages. The Pro version empowers companies to create intelligent, inclusive, and dynamic meeting environments that specifically cater to hybrid workplace requirements.

Teams Rooms Pro also equips businesses with critical analytics to enhance their meeting experiences, including real-time monitoring, alerts, advanced analytical tools, and comprehensive self-management tools.

Before deciding if Teams Rooms Pro is the right fit for your business, consider these questions:

  1. How frequently does your organization host hybrid meetings? If hybrid meetings are common, Teams Rooms Pro can considerably amplify inclusivity and collaboration among team members.
  2. Is your organization investing in AI? If you’re already leveraging AI-driven cameras and speakers, Teams Rooms Pro can help you augment these investments with more advanced features and powerful presentation tools.
  3. Are you looking for seamless management of your Video Conferencing Meeting Spaces? Teams Rooms Pro simplifies this process with extensive self-service management tools and dashboards, proactive configuration suggestions, and bespoke security policies.

While upgrading to Teams Rooms Pro delivers significant benefits for hybrid team collaborations, there are other ways to further enhance your meeting room experience. Cloud Connextions is ready to assist in planning, designing, and implementing customized room packages enabling you to get maximum returns from your investments in Teams Rooms.

We can design every meeting space and room specifically for your needs, implementing intuitive tools and providing all the necessary intelligent hardware, integration, and ongoing management. Furthermore, we can seamlessly integrate your Teams Rooms solution with Teams, Outlook, messaging systems, conference room scheduling systems, room signage, and other necessary network tools — all of which improve the user experience and strengthen collaboration across your organization.

If you’re eager to take your Teams Rooms experience to the next level, investing in Teams Rooms Pro could be a smart move. Remember, choosing the right integration partner can significantly bolster the quality of your meetings, helping you extract more value from your investment.

Is it time for an upgrade to Teams Rooms Pro? Do you need a trusted advisor to help guide you through the process to maximize your Microsoft Teams experience? Cloud Connextions is your team of experts to advise and guide you through the process.  We’re here to provide tailored solutions to transform your collaboration, and communications while delivering a seamless meeting experience for you.

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