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Cloud Connextions is a top office technology provider that has helped more than a thousand brands with cloud-based conference room solutions globally. Every conference room is different, and we make sure you’ve got great, consistent technology in every space to keep things easy on your team. We’re not focused on shoving tech in the room; we’re focused on helping your workforce run great meetings.

Technology Partners

Cloud Connextions works with many top industry technology companies. We also consult with many of these partners to bring user feedback and requirements for future solutions.

Common Rooms & Spaces

We can help with any space, but here are some of the most common rooms and spaces that clients request: 

Corporate Boardrooms

Flagship rooms designed to impress clients and employees alike.

Huddle Rooms

Small rooms for intimate meetings or small working sessions. Especially great for hybrid workforces.

Medium Sized Conference Rooms

Standard Conference rooms that hold six to ten team members.

Larger Conference Rooms

More significant sized rooms (ten people+), where video settings, audio, sound masking, etc., become more imperative. 

Open Meeting Space

Many organizations value open space with a mix of seating, standing, tables & whiteboards.

Zoom Rooms

More than just hosting a zoom meeting with a webcam, great Zoom Rooms focus on helping remote users experience the entire session. 

Popular Solutions

Cloud Video Conferencing

Remove the complexity of the technology and enable your team to run great video meetings. Cloud Connextions makes it easy to set up secure virtual conferences worldwide without needing proprietary hardware or software installed on individual devices. You can easily connect multiple participants from different locations worldwide in just a few clicks.

Conference Room Tech

Cloud Connextions isn’t a glorified reseller of a specific manufacturer. As such, we’re focused on leading technology for our clients, regardless of brand. Selecting the right conference room technology is invaluable for businesses of any size and helps teams work smarter, faster, and more effectively together. We design with supportability in mind.  

Unified Communications 2

Unified Communications (UC) is an essential tool for businesses looking to increase productivity, collaboration, and efficiency within the workplace. UC systems provide a suite of communication tools such as voice, video conferencing, instant messaging, and presence that enable users to interact with each other regardless of their physical location. Businesses can streamline communication without installing multiple separate applications by making these technologies available in one easy-to-use platform. 

Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control systems are becoming increasingly popular because they provide secure, remote access to facilities. With cloud-based access control systems, users can easily manage and monitor who has access to a facility at any time. The system works by granting or denying access based on securely stored credentials in the cloud. 

Full Office Buildouts

Many clients engage Cloud Connextions during the build and remodel process, allowing us to consult with architects, engineers, and building management to save our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary infrastructure costs and complexity.

Revamping Boardrooms

Boardrooms are the epicenters of business decision-making and collaboration. With video conferencing technology, boardrooms can become more productive, efficient, and effective by enabling real-time conversations among participants in different locations. Remove the complexity of the Boardroom to allow for participants to focus on the business at hand.


Although cloud video conferencing is a powerful tool, it can also be prone to technical difficulties from time to time. Even if we didn’t set it up, we will help troubleshoot existing cloud-based technology and setups. Our goal is to help you avoid a complete tear-down.

Technology Consulting

Although cloud video conferencing is a powerful tool, it can also be prone to technical difficulties from time to time. Even if we didn’t set it up, we will help troubleshoot existing cloud-based technology and setups. Our goal is to help you avoid a complete tear-down.

Sound Masking 2

Sound masking can reduce audio distractions and make conversations more intelligible by creating an ambient sound environment. Sound masking is especially helpful in loud or open-plan areas, as the increased background noise can interfere with communication and focus.

Structured Cabling

Installing structured cabling (cat 6, closet data runs, etc.) can be a complex task as it requires precise measurements to ensure we install the correct number of  ports in suitable locations. It also involves carefully planning to route cables to avoid obstructions and ensure integrity.

Audio Troubleshooting

Clear audio can make or break an effective meeting. We often help troubleshoot issues such as lousy microphone pickup, lack of sound, background noise, and more.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive video whiteboard meetings make it easy for teams to collaborate in real-time, even when they’re not in the same physical space. This technology makes it possible to draw, write and share files on a shared board, allowing for more efficient communication and collaboration.

Video Wall Colorado

Video walls are an excellent way for companies to create an impactful visual experience in large spaces. They provide an ideal platform for displaying information, data, messages, and visuals. With multiple displays working in unison, video walls can showcase dynamic content such as product demonstrations, informational videos, or promotional materials.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is increasingly popular for businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers or members. This technology allows companies to deliver clear, targeted messages with images, videos, slideshows, and other visuals – all from a single source. We can install Digital signs in various locations, including break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, public spaces, and other customer-facing environments, all with the same or different content.

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist provides customers a convenient and efficient way to connect with businesses. This type of service eliminates the need for costly physical receptionists while still providing customers with the same level of customer service they would expect from an in-person experience. Virtual receptionists can be accessed through online chat, phone, or email support systems. By utilizing these platforms, businesses can provide their customers with around-the-clock assistance and manage incoming calls promptly.

Physical Security

Physical security and surveillance solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small independent stores. By investing in the latest technology, companies can protect their property and personnel from theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities. Physical security systems typically include access control, CCTV cameras that monitor activity at all times, alarm systems to alert authorities when unauthorized entry is detected, and locks on doors and windows to restrict access.

Budget Planning

Cloud Connextions can help organizations stay ahead of the curve when upgrading existing systems or investing in new ones. With careful planning, organizations can create a budget for video conference technology, office remodels, new builds, structured cabling, and access control that ensures all necessary components are correctly accounted for, and potential pitfalls are avoided. 

Communications Strategy

Let Cloud Connextions help you write your complete communications vision & strategy. We are experts at connecting people via voice, video, chat & more! 


Cloud Connextions is here to help design a new or replace an existing voice solution. We can help you replace your legacy phone system with a VOIP solution integrated into your complete communications strategy. 

Virtual Assistant

Let us help you manage your cloud-based technology stack so that your team doesn’t have to! From proactive monitoring to firmware updates & onsite troubleshooting, our goal is to keep things running smoothly for you! 

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