Verkada Announces Breakthrough AI Capabilities

Verkada Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Search

At Cloud Connextions, we are thrilled to announce an incredible new feature from Verkada: AI-powered search within the Command platform. This revolutionary feature enables users to perform highly detailed searches for people and vehicles using freeform text. By leveraging years of investment in hybrid cloud-based search capabilities and computer vision analytics, Verkada has transformed basic motion search into an advanced tool capable of identifying specific attributes like clothing color and vehicle type. With the introduction of AI-powered search, users can now enter freeform text queries directly into the search bar to obtain relevant results, making Verkada’s search capabilities among the most powerful in the industry.

Elevating Search Precision for Security and Operations

The need for precise and comprehensive search capabilities is crucial for security and physical operations professionals. With AI-powered search, users can quickly sift through footage using a broad range of descriptive features, far beyond common characteristics like the presence of a backpack or the color of a car. This advanced capability is vital across various industries, helping to address operational challenges—from identifying shoplifters in retail environments to ensuring workplace safety in manufacturing settings (e.g., “person driving a forklift”).

Behind the Technology

The development of this feature involved a two-pronged approach. Initially, a publicly-available model with large language and large vision functionalities was utilized. This model, a multi-billion parameter neural network, was trained to compare text and images directly, enabling natural language searches for images. Verkada then built upon this foundation by creating an in-house model that processes customer video data in advance, allowing for real-time, efficient searches without reprocessing footage each time a query is made. This optimization enables AI-powered search to index and retrieve relevant footage quickly and at scale.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

While AI-powered search offers near-limitless attribute searches for people and vehicles, it also addresses specific industry needs. Here are a few examples of how various sectors can benefit:

Retail – Anti-Shoplifting Retail customers can use AI-powered search to identify specific objects on a person or vehicle, detecting text, brands, and logos. Queries like “person holding Louis Vuitton bag” or “person holding red vase near front door” can help identify shoplifting suspects with high descriptive detail.

Manufacturing & Logistics – Workplace and Occupational Safety Manufacturing customers can monitor premises to enforce safety measures and reduce workplace injuries. Queries such as “person wearing helmet” or “person wearing safety vest” near specific machinery can confirm compliance with safety protocols. Additionally, searches like “person operating a forklift” or identifying specific text on trucks can enhance logistics monitoring.

Healthcare – Safety and Health Compliance Healthcare customers can ensure safety and compliance within hospitals and clinics. Queries like “person wearing medical mask” or “person washing hands” support enforcement of medical safety policies. Searches for “person holding baby” can enhance NICU monitoring, while “San Mateo ambulance” helps track ambulance fleets efficiently.

Ensuring Responsible Use

To prevent misuse and minimize inappropriate results, Verkada has integrated query moderation into the platform. This technique reduces the risk of malicious or harmful use of the AI-powered search while maintaining usability. The balance between respectful and effective searches is paramount. Leveraging industry-recognized practices, including open-source data and OpenAI’s moderation APIs, Verkada ensures a robust and responsible search experience.

A Trusted Partnership

At Cloud Connextions, we are proud to partner with Verkada as an authorized integrator and reseller. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing infrastructures, enhancing their security posture with minimal disruption and maximal efficiency.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Cloud Connextions. Let us help you take the next step in securing your facilities with confidence and ease.

For more a PDF Overview of Verkada’s foundation model and enhancements, click here.

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